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Haley. 21. I STARTED TO ANSWER THIS AS IF I WAS CASSIDYSWAN BUT I'M NOT GOD I NEED TO GO BACK. Um I'm just like really in love with David Conrad. I read a lot of books that make me cry, pretend I'm taylor swift and hang out with little kids. WELL we met during a skype call and I followed you and then we met for reals in disneyland and so I'll follow you forever because I love you so much. This is gonna be a shock to you I know, but I really love the color pink. What are you most excited for rn?

this is pretty much our story right here

and yes you have to go to cassidyswan because that’s who you are

…hmm, i guess what i’m most excited for right now is going back to pennsylvania for thanksgiving break. not only am i visiting my family on a lighter note(last time i was there was because of my grandmom’s passing) and i’ll also be heading up to new york city with them to check out some schools and doing touristy city things! 

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jennifer morrison & joanna garcia swisher at the ouat season 4 premiere [x]

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Name: Rose Age: 20 Meaning behind url: it's from a song by All Time Low Hobbies/Interests: TV, movies, books, music, obsessing over those things. Why you follow me: Rumbelle Random fact about yourself: Uhhh cheese. Question for me: Do you like cheese?

I love cheese! Provologne, havarti, brie, and fontina are my personal favorite. 

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I wanna meet my followers

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Emilie de Ravin [x]


if you can’t handle jmo when she’s praising other ships you don’t deserve her when she’s praising yours

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jennifer morrison at the ouat season 4 premiere [x]


Elizabeth Lail at the ouat season 4 premiere (x)

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melinda may per episode: 1x21, rag-tag.

once upon a time + space